Shuiwaku - Grass Biscuits and Sachets DIY Activity For Room Guests(Every Tuesday and Thursday only)

The Shuiwaku Community is located in a small and quiet village near Fengchuisha. Most of the local residents plant grasses. The village is surrounded by a large grassland. The sika deer can occasionally be seen running on the grassland, which is like a paradise.

GLORIA MANOR cooperated with the Shuiwaku Community to grind fresh grass into fine powder and add it to the dough press to make delicious grass biscuits and use seaside plant vines to make deodorant sachets. This special smell is cool and refreshing at the same time. Soothe the nerves and strengthen the brain.

Every Tuesday and Thursday 14:30-16:00(1.5 hours)

1. Advance registration is required.
2. Limited to 10 participants per day.
3. The hotel reserves the right to change its activities.

Package Period
2022/08/16 - 2023/05/31

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