Outdoor Swimming Pool

​Come swim in the cool water or take a rest on a poolside wicker chair. Spend a restful time at this tranquil pool surrounded by lush green hills.

Opening hours | 07:00-12:00; 13:00-18:00(will be open till 18:30 during May to September)
Cleaning time | 12:00-13:00 (the pool is closed during this time)

Swimming pool depth and area | Adult pool depth: 110cm - 180cm, children's pool depth: 70cm, total pool area: 25m*12m

*Except for typhoon days, bad weather, and government bans, the swimming pools are "open all year round" and "normal temperature cold water".

During the epidemic, please observe the following regulations. The opening hours and regulations may be adjusted in a rolling manner at any time.
1. Please wear swimming suits, swimming trunks and swimming caps before entering the pool
2. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the whole pool area.
3. Please wear a mask at all times when you are not swimming.

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