GADUGADU”  is a Paiwan word meaning mountain and forest” and implying a secret spot”. As the name indicates, this is a secluded restaurant for brunch with unparalleled mountain and sea views in Kenting National Park on the south of the country, by the hills and seashore.

On this vantage point high on the 6th floor, you van have a panoramic view of the surrounding Pacific Ocean, Bashi Channel, and Taiwan Strait afar. The endless blue sky and sea, and the entire Hengchun Peninsula are all yours to enjoy. Beautiful mountains and seas, that's what Kenting is famous for.


201, Kenting Park Rd., Hengchun Town, Pingtung County, Taiwan(Kenting National Forest Recreational Area-Seaview Tower 6F)

|Traffic Information|
Ticket sales: To enter the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, you need to buy admission tickets at the ticket office at the entrance

Parking: Kenting National Forest Recreation Area Paid parking lot

Distance: About 30-40 minutes walk from the ticket office to Guanhai Building

* Relevant ticketing and traffic regulations are subject to the regulations of Kenting National Forest Recreation Area. Tickets and parking fees cannot be deducted from food and beverage consumption.

|Online reservation|
- On the 20th of each month, online reservations for the next month are available, some seats are open for online reservations, and the rest are mainly on-site waiting.
- If you need children's cutlery and dining chairs, please note when booking.

|Dining Instructions|
1. The reservation will be reserved for 10 minutes. If the reservation is overdue, the seat will be re-registered, and the seat will be taken according to the order of the waiting registration number.
2. The seating arrangement will be based on the order of reservation and the number of people. Seats cannot be assigned. If you need to change the reservation, please change it in the reservation SMS before 08:00 on the day of the meal.
3. The meal time is 90 minutes, 12-year-olds (inclusive) and above consume one main meal at a minimum, and a 10% service charge will be charged for the meal.
4. In order to maintain the best state of the meal and ensure the safety of your food, this restaurant does not provide take-out service.

* No outside food allowed
* No pets allowed
* Please wear a mask when entering the store

|On-site waiting|
1. The receptionist will give priority to the customers who have registered and waited to be seated.
2. When the site is full, priority will be given to taking a seat in the order of the waiting number.
3. When the number is passed on-site, please re-register, get a new number, and wait again.
4. If the customer who wants to dine fails to respond to the voice or SMS notification, it will be regarded as a passed number.
5. The estimated waiting time is a reference value, and the actual seating time is based on on-site conditions.

Opening hours 09:30~16:00 (last order 15:30)

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