Activities Inside the Hotel


Lohas Yoga
Experience the tranquility of rhythmic breathing. You will exercise both the mind and the body with our onsite body and mind yoga program on weekends. Guests and neighbors of GLORIA MANOR are welcome to join this free experience, please make the reservation 3 days in advance. For more information, please contact the service center.

Perler Beads DIYDuration: 30 minutes
Perler beads are a kind of pro-intellect toy originated in the U.S., and are nowadays a unique handicraft that is popular around the world. By arranging these colorful, hollow beads on pegboards to form different patterns, even three-dimensional shapes, you can create ingenious art pieces and they are perfect to be used as key rings or pendents!

Essential Oil Candle DIYDuration: 40 minutes
Make your own soy essential oil candles, for your own personal use or as perfect, heart-feltgifts.
Photo Frame DIYDuration: 30 minutes
Perfect souvenirs for our guests as reminders of the great times they had at GLORIA MANOR. Frames are individually crafted with families or loved ones!
Essential Oil Soap DIYDuration: 40 minutes
Make your own scented bar soaps with your favorite aroma. Using natural essential oils and no chemical substances, these bar soaps provide refreshing and natural fragrance when used. Perfect and unique as gifts, you will also enjoy them for your personal use.
Handmade Nigari TofuDuration: 90 minutes
Howan Community in Kenting is a typical quiet, small fishing village sitting on a coral reef shore. The villagers had been using sea salt and nigari naturally formed in the gifted and pollution-free environment in their diet for years. GLORIA MANOR now collaborates with Howan Community to walk you through the making of tofu, okara (tofu dregs) cookies and douhua (tofu pudding) with Howan’s unique natural sea salt and nigari, so that you’ll understand better about the sea salt cultural heritage of the community!

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For more information, please contact the service center: +886 8 886 3666

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